e-petition of the Mutants

France : In defense of the right for cloning and against the State intolerance and the State monopoly on bodies : mobilization !

Since the 10th of january, the bio-liberticides laws, also called  " bio-ethics law"  are discussed in the Senate.  They should be voted definitively before spring. 

The Government of Jean-Francois Mattéi is about to criminalize reproductive and therapeutic cloning, by punishing it with a jail sentence of 20 years for the cloners and 5 years for the cloned ones.  This repressive madness accentuates the State monopoly on the property of our bodies, on which we practicaly do not have the usufruct.  It also confirms the metaphysical base of the French Right ( and tomorrow the European one), founded on religious convictions, sacrifying the plurality of the visions of the world and not taking into account the rationality of technoscience.

More than ever, we ask you to let circulate around you our petition in favor of cloning ( here beneath ).  Since one year, it has been getting about 5.000 signatures.  With efforts and under the light of actuality, we will reach more than 20.000 signatures at the moment of the voting of the bio-liberticides laws and we will let it know to the concerned elected politicians.

Our most elementary liberty - to have¨the right to use your body - is again scoffed by a group of delirious humanists : the combat can and must be led to make their intolerance and obscurantism go backwards.

We count on you.

The Mutants




E-petition of the Mutants

For the free choice to procreate and the authorization of reproductive cloning

When Louisa Brown, first in vitro child , was born in 1978, a lot of people predicted her a bad destiny.  Her in vitro conception would certainly condemn her to a terrible psychological instability, and maybe to severe biological malformations.  Today Louisa Brown is doing very well.  The same goes for the hundred of thousands of children born through in vitro fertilization.  For about 5% of couples suffer infertility.  Among them, thousands will never be able to have children, because the sexual cells of one or the other are to badly altered for it.   To those couples torn apart by the suffering not being able to give life , reproductive cloning offers a new alternative.  Cloning is a new and very uncertain technique.   But situation is identical for in vitro : according to the method applied ,  15 to 30% only of the artificial inseminations result in a birth.  If the slightest anomalia is discovered , the pregnancy is immediately interrupted.  The same will be applied for cloning.  The tools of monitoring allow today to control day by day the growth of the embryo anf the foetus.  Beyond the distress of unfertile couples, cloning puts forward a question of principles.  The State has no legitamacy to decide like a boss about the best way to procreate.   Each conscious and instructed individual is free to choose, even if his choice includes risks.  The interdiction of reproductive cloning is an attack on the liberty of conscience and on the right to live, eventhough defended by European Convention on Human Rights.  In consequence, the subscribers of present petition ask :  


  1. the respect of the free disposal of our body ;

  2. the respect of the liberty of conscious, of opinion and choice,

  3. the respect of the right to live

  4. the authorization of reproductive cloning


To sign this petition, return us an e-mail with the following mention : " I sign the petition for the free choice of procreation and the authorization of reproductive cloning " accompanied by your family name, first name and e-mail adress. (with the same mention in french: "Je signe la pétition pour le libre choix de la procréation et l'autorisation du clonage reproductif").

Sign it !